June 3, 2018

We've launched our Digital Dugout - The exclusive section of the website where you can see raw, unedited interview clips and photos from the film.

We're proud to include a clip of Minnie Miñoso thanking us for making the film as the first thing you'll see when you enter...

April 24, 2018

Making a film is a monumental challenge.  Learning how to navigate social media to help gain exposure is another big endeavor.  The analytics are mind boggling.  We've launched accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and are doing our best to keep them interesting....

April 15, 2018

You say tax day, we say Jackie Robinson Day.  Standing next to 2 people who made his impact possible. Branch Rickey, Jackie Robinson and Rachel Robinson on Hall of Fame induction day July 23, 1962

April 1, 2018

It's exciting to have baseball back.  Winter always seems to go on too long.  On Opening Day we learned of the passing of Rusty Staub.  Growing up a Met fan, Rusty Staub was a player you didn't forget.  I recall one time at Shea Stadium we had gotten tickets from someo...

February 22, 2018

Fun times in Studio K this morning.  Lauren Meyer was invited to be a guest on "Hot Stove".


February 15, 2018

It's amazing to see the support.  One of the goals of the film is to bring people together.  Please join our team.  Everyone is welcome here. 

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