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Digital Dugout launch party

We've launched our Digital Dugout - The exclusive section of the website where you can see raw, unedited interview clips and photos from the film.

We're proud to include a clip of Minnie Miñoso thanking us for making the film as the first thing you'll see when you enter the dugout.

We created this as a thank you for our kickstarter backers who are making the film a reality. If you backed us at the Relief Pitcher level or above you will get a password to the dugout. If you didn't know about our kickstarter or weren't in a position to support us at the time, we still want to make the dugout available to you. As a launch special we are offering tickets to the dugout for $10. 100% of the proceeds from the tickets go towards getting the film out and preserving the legacy of the Negro League baseball players.

Email - and we will arrange for a password for you today.

Play Ball!!

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