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Jackie Robinson Day 2020

Everyday we see and hear about civil unrest, racial inequities and violence. We see anger and displays of hate and fear. Protests and demonstrations and what is the difference between them? Judgement and opinions fly, but how does that help us move forward? This week, as part of Jackie Robinson Day programming, we were proud to share The Other Boys of Summer with the Texas Rangers staff and employees. This was a way to not only share the film and preserve the legacy of the Negro Leagues, but to bring people together, talk and LISTEN.

Employees watched the film and engaged in a powerful discussion afterwards. The conversation was moderated by Bob Kendrick, President of The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and featured alumni baseball players including: Hall Of Fame Pitcher Fergie Jenkins, Darren Oliver, Bump Wills and filmmaker, Lauren Meyer. They each shared their personal experience of pursuing their dreams and their experience with racism and discrimination. Connecting the generations and sharing stories engaged the attendees to ask questions and get involved in the conversation. We can't fix the problem in an afternoon, but finding a way to enable people to participate in challenging conversations is an important step forward. Thankful to have a platform to amplify diverse voices and elevate and inspire people.


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