The Film

Where did it begin?

The idea for The Other Boys of Summer originated many years ago when Lauren's Mom, an elementary school teacher, was sharing her lesson plans for black history month.  The idea of segregation was something that never made sense to Lauren.  So she decided to explore the subject matter from a unique perspective. What was it like to pursue your dreams when you were not permitted to go into certain places, sit in certain seats or  play on certain teams?

Lauren began to take out books from the library and read about the Negro League players.  She wrote letters to many hoping to have the chance to meet them.  When she started making contact and hearing their stories she knew she had to make a film to shine the spotlight on these humble men (and women) who endured terrible treatment yet remained gracious and thankful to the opportunities they had.  In spite of the injustice they faced daily, while sharing their stories not one of the men were bitter.  They were thankful for the chance to play the game they loved.  This just made the story that much more intriguing to Lauren.


The Filmmaker

Lauren Meyer is an Emmy nominated Director with over 20 years in the business.

Highly respected as a strong storyteller, Lauren's passion for sharing personal stories and shining a spotlight on the underdog was recently acknowledged with a 2017  Emmy Award nomination.

Her work has aired on dozens of TV networks, cable channels and digital platforms.  Growing up a Met fan she is well versed in patience and perseverance.  She began filming "The Other Boys of Summer" as a passion project in 2007 when she realized if she didn't go and interview the players now, their personal stories would be lost forever. 


In a time where civil rights are in headlines daily, Lauren is more determined than ever to show a different perspective to the reality of civil rights in America.   With class and perseverance these unsung American heroes changed baseball and changed America.