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Since 2019 The Other Boys of Summer has been shining the spotlight on the unsung civil rights trailblazers of the Negro Leagues. The program has an incredible track record for making a positive impact and has been enjoyed by companies, communities, schools and organizations of all kinds. Up until now the program has not been available to individual classrooms due to budget and finance limitations. In celebration of our 5th year we're giving the program away to 5 teachers (5th - 12th grade) to use for free during Black History Month 2024.

To receive a free program you must be able to stream the film in your classroom from a link we will provide.  The film is 42 minutes. We do not have DVDs or other formats available. The film cannot be downloaded and played later or on multiple devices. We will also provide a basic lesson plan as well as a player reference and resource list.

To enter to win a FREE program email us the following with BHM 2024 School as the subject of the email. TheOtherBoysofSummer@gmail.comIncomplete submissions will not be considered.

Name of school
City/Town and State
Teacher's name, email and phone number if you'd like us to be able to call you if you win.
Grade level

How many students are in your class? If you have multiple sections of the same class please specify.
Why do you want to bring The Other Boys of Summer to your class?

Thank you for your dedication to teaching and helping inspire the next generation. Every Negro Leaguer we've met talked with us about the importance of enabling kids access to play baseball. But, more importantly, they each spoke about the value and importance of education first and foremost.

Our plan is to accept entries through the first week of February. However, if we are inundated with emails we may close the entry window early.  We will work with each of the 5 teachers to the best of our ability to coordinate dates and times of the programs. There is no promise or guarantee that each time or date requested will be possible. If a teacher is not able to coordinate a time/date that works with our schedule for technical reasons or otherwise, we will try to offer a program to another teacher who submitted an entry if/when possible.

If you don't win (we can only choose 5) we are also working to put together a classroom program at a discounted program fee
in an effort to reach more students. Stay tuned for more info.

We hope you'll poke around the website and see more about the film and what we've been up to. Please share with others. We've been doing this for 5 years thanks to word of mouth and thousands of people who've fallen in love with the film.


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