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Feedback from people who have attended the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Team Building Program:


"This is a must watch for anyone who is a baseball fan." - Donovan Mitchell, NY Mets, Director, Diversity & Inclusion

"My wife and I LOVED your film. We were both teary-eyed and inspired throughout the entire 42-minute film." John G.


"Thank you, all.  It was such a great program and so very relevant!" - Jake Heath, Orrick, Partner,


“My institution screened The Other Boys of Summer for our students and faculty this year, via Zoom, and it was no less than a transformative event. The screening provided a much needed teachable moment about the history of the struggle for racial equality through the lens of baseball as well as providing a profound discussion amongst our students and faculty. I highly recommend The Other Boys of Summer as a deeply relevant film for this generation of college students.”

John Galgano


"Spartanburg will never be the same! The film was truly amazing! " - Luther Norman,  Youth Sports Bureau


"We are using storytelling to get us to understand each other’s stories and contributions. Highly recommend The Other Boys of Summer." - Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri - Partner, CHRO



"I'm still on a high from the private screening of "The Other Boys of Summer" that our The NETwork National team held today...it was food for my soul." - Latya Taylor


“The showing of “The Other Boys of Summer” at the SC Johnson facility was wonderful. Fantastic venue, incredible movie, and a terrific audience. If this traveling film comes to your town, take every baseball fan you know. You won’t be disappointed. I’m thrilled it was brought to my part of the country.” - Lou Olsen


99%  "The Other Boys of Summer Documentary was engaging, and the information shared was impactful."

99% "The program was worth the time I invested."

"The Other Boys of Summer Documentary was inspiring, emotional, dynamic and relevant to how to create an environment of inclusion in today’s culture."

"The theme has a great way to mix, history, sports, civil rights. it was really great."

GE Aviation

"The film provided a great, positive way to discuss key issues in society.


"It allowed me to feel as if I could make a difference."


The movie left me feeling "empowered".


I was "Inspired. I went home and made sure my son was re-signed up at the local league for this upcoming season.""


"I felt encouraged by the response of the youth who attended the screening. Many of them seem genuinely engaged and asked good questions."


"As a fan of Major League Baseball, I was and am happy to see the story of the Negro League being told. The contributions these players made to the game and civil rights movements should never be forgotten."

"The film broadened my view of baseball.  We need more films like this."


"That film is so good. You really hit it out of the ballpark."

Dave Simms - Mariner's Broadcaster

"One thing that stood out to me was Mamie Johnson. The story of a woman who played for the Clowns for 3 years. That was the part I was drawn to. Hearing her talk."

Kyle Lewis - 2020 AL Rookie of the Year


"Everyone thank you for making this a great, informative and engaged event.  The film is fabulous."


              The Reds Community Fund was honored to partner with Lauren Meyer to host a showing of “The Other Boys of Summer” at our Youth Academy in early February.  As we are always looking for compelling material for our monthly high school seminars, our introduction to Lauren couldn’t have been more timely.  The documentary and discussion attracted a packed audience of kids, coaches and families and the length and style of the feature made for an ideal two-hour session.  Not only did Lauren’s film share the story of the Negro Leagues in a creative and compassionate manner, but the production back story resonated with our group as well.  Lauren also participated in a panel discussion following the film that allowed us to cover additional topics that mattered to our student-athletes and guests.  I’d highly recommend that other teams and communities consider this opportunity to share the Negro Leagues history and embark on a social and cultural conversation that’s more relevant today than ever.

Charley Frank, Executive Director, Reds Community Fund

Your film project is critically important to preserving the history of black baseball in America.  I commend you for all of your work.  The Center for Negro League Baseball Research and our Negro Southern League Museum support you 100%.
God Bless

(Dr. Layton Revel, executive director for the Center for Negro League Baseball Research (CNLBR) )

“I think this is important.  If you are going to get involved in sports, you should know the history and know who came before you. This is a unique thing. A lot of Negro Leaguers didn’t get a fair opportunity. The few that did go from the Negro Leagues to the big leagues obviously made a big impact.”

Delino DeShields Jr.  - Current MLB player,  Rangers / Indians

"The Other Boys of Summer" takes us into territory not previously visited in giving us the testimony of the last generation of Negro Leaguers to play their brand of baseball when the leagues  were winding down their days in the sun in the late 1940s and into the 1950s.   Lauren Meyer is not telling us just about baseball.  She weaves the black game into the story of segregation, and how that game fits into the larger story of what these players faced as they played their game as the "other boys of summer."

Dr. Lawrence Hogan - Executive Director and Producer of the documentary Before You Can Say Jackie Robinson, and author of The Forgotten History of African American Baseball.

“It is a great honor to the legacy of African American sports that we have this historical piece of cinema. Not only is is important to the history of America Baseball but it is a important as a story of triumph and overcoming obstacles. I am so honored my grandfather was a part of this history.”
D. Anthony Miles, Ph.D., MCP, RBA, CMA, MBC

This is an important story that deserves to be shared. Together we can unite communities and expand the reach of these inspiring stories. 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Negro Leagues. Join us in celebrating the legacy and honoring these civil rights trailblazers.

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