Tumbleweed Pictures presents a documentary about racism, segregation and civil rights in America, told through the lives of the Negro League baseball players.
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The Other Boys of Summer amplifies Black voices and explores civil rights through the lens of America's pastime. Join us in celebrating these Civil  Rights Trailblazers.

"A league born out of exclusion would become one of this countries most inclusive entities." Bob Kendrick
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Curtis Granderson, Dominic Smith and Omar Minaya joined us for a program with the NY Mets and shared their personal stories.

Directed by Lauren Meyer

Emmy Nominated Director

"Spartanburg will never be the same! The film was truly amazing! "

Luther Norman,  Youth Sports Bureau

"I’d highly recommend that other teams and communities consider this opportunity to share the Negro Leagues history and embark on a social and cultural conversation that’s more relevant today than ever."

Charley Frank, Executive Director, Reds Community Fund

"We are using storytelling to get us to understand each other’s stories and contributions. Highly recommend The Other Boys of Summer."

Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri - Partner, CHRO - TPG

"extraordinarily moving and shapes the first half of the 20th century expertly. I laughed, learned, and cried my way through it. I thoroughly enjoyed The Other Boys of Summer."

H. Michael Harvey - author of Freaknik Lawyer: A Memoir on the Craft of Resistance

"I'm still on a high from the private screening of "The Other Boys of Summer" that our The NETwork National team held today...it was food for my soul."

Latya Taylor  - AT&T

"The film is also a story of hope:  of our nation struggling to become more of who we are meant to be united in our diversity."

Joe Marx, - Director, Program Communications & Partnerships - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

"... weaves the black game into the story of segregation, and how that game fits into the larger story of what these players faced as they played their game as the "other boys of summer."
Dr. Lawrence Hogan , Author - The Forgotten History of African American Baseball.

"A heartfelt home run!"

Vint Hartgrave  - The Coach & The Preacher Show

"Thank you for putting together this film. It was truly an honor and a privilege to watch it and meet you.

Curtis Granderson - MLB player, (16 seasons), President of The Players Alliance

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The The Other Boys of Summer amplifies diverse voices. Was an integral part of MLB's Diversity & Inclusion Activation "The Bridge" at the 2019 All Star Game. Press release available here.

 A sample of organizations who have found our program valuable to their employees, students and community:

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