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Exciting New Partnership

The Other Boys of Summer (and Tumbleweed Pictures) is joining forces with Truth DEI Consulting to enable more people to see the film and be inspired by the resiliency of the Negro Leaguers. Our favorite part about the film is seeing the positive impact it has on people of all races and demographics. We've seen allies born, mentorships formed and people coming together for conversations that spark change.

Since 2019 The Other Boys of Summer has been the centerpiece of an original Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program shining the spotlight on the civil rights trailblazers who changed America by pursuing their passion for the game of baseball. These men and women (there were 3 female Negro Leaguers) didn't allow their circumstances to dampen their determination to play the game they loved at the highest level. For better or worse the story is timeless. Their struggles and challenges resonate with the struggles and challenges of today.

Our DEI program has reached over 60 communities, schools and organizations so far and has sparked unity and hope. We've witnessed real change. One of our favorite stories is how a woman who attended our corporate DEI program at AT&T had the chance to meet Negro Leaguer Bob Scott and began corresponding with him. Bob was 89 at the time. When the pandemic struck she quietly chose to send groceries to Bob and his wife so they wouldn't have to go to a grocery story. She sent so many groceries that Bob and Mae shared them with their entire block. This went on for 6 months!! This goes to show there are many good people out there and when we come together and share conversations we can make each other better and stronger humans.

By partnering with Nona Lee and Truth DEI we're expanding our reach and impact. Together we can provide customized DEI education and training to corporate executives, teams and organizations. DEI isn't just a buzzword. It's been proven to increase business revenue, create a culture where people are more efficient and effective, improve employee retention and provides exceptional ROI.

Check out more about our partnership and why we wanted to partner with Nona Lee and Truth DEI. Her story and her accomplishments are inspiring. We may need to do another documentary about her story.


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