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Ups and Downs

The film and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program continue to impact people of all ages and races. In the last month the program has inspired employees of Fox Sports South/SouthEast, Diversity Lab, Orrick, KeyBank and community groups in the PNW thanks to collaboration with the Seattle Mariners. The feedback has been phenomenal. As the baseball season is in it’s final days and the pandemic shows no signs of going away, people are looking for things to bring them joy. We continue to hear from people about how much they enjoy hearing the stories from the Negro Leagues. These men and women provide hope and inspiration when we all need it. 

We also have to share the sad news that we’ve lost 2 of the 3 last surviving players in the film, in the last 3 weeks. Jim Robinson and Bob Scott have both gone to play in the great field of dreams beyond. Bob was the first player we met and interviewed and Jim followed shortly there after. Both men remained in contact with us and were absolutely wonderful human beings. We share in the grief with their families and friends and are incredibly thankful to have been able to call them friends. 

We will post a few highlights from some of our recent programs as well as more about Bob and Jim in the coming days/weeks. 

Thanks to this community The Other Boys of Summer continues to preserve the legacy of Bob and Jim and so many others who played for the love of the game and changed the fabric of America. We will continue to celebrate the humble heroes and hope that you join us.


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